Auto show

A performance, auto show or the motorshow, but the exhibition this year's model cars, looking for the first time, the concept car, or outside the traditional production. The car manufacturers by the general service. It is learnt that most of the cars once or twice a year. This is an important element in the form of car dealers and local manufacturers in the exercise of a public relations, advertising his products, and also to increase the ad.

Other cars are from auto shows that occur in a car more often in the form of a weekly basis. It is not known whether there regularly for more than two times the accepted, the informal "conferences car" or "the incidence of car enthusiasts." Subjects of the meeting, some events, such as classic cars, hot Rods, and in any case, the car collection of more local events, which usually have a car enthusiasts Jul to meet with his enthusiasm and enjoy other car owners.

International Organization for des Constructeurs d 'of this show, organized a number of cars and car.

It is generally appear that the specific presentation of the new cars or concept cars, while cars and vehicles, offered a favorite performance, classic, cars or strange. It also shows that discrimination in professional large cars almost always present at the same time that the event, and cars can be either a professional or amateur, many of which are local. Tags:
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