Peugeot Leonin

Developed under the theme “Imagine the Peugeot in the Worldwide Megalopolis of Tomorrow,” the Leonin by Tudoran Liviu is a futuristic car that came into being in the fifth Peugeot design competition. Deriving its name from the insistent behavior of a lion, the Leonin is a hybrid car, which comes with a battery under the hood and an electric engine at the back. Presenting aggressive looks and features, the car is capable of reaching a speed of about 160 km/h with a range of around 500km, which is ideal for short distance travel in a crowded city. The body of the car is finished with aluminum composite, hard plastic, carbon fiber and glass, giving a foolproof protection to commuters in case of an accident. Replacing the interior rearview mirror, the hybrid features an LCD screen in the main console to display the video captured by the hi-resolution camera located at the rear of the car. The Leonin would set you back something between €18,000 and €25,000, according to the intensity of technology and equipment used in the car.